Sunday, May 22, 2011

bye bye boobie

dear goliath

you were always my favourite, because you're the bigger one
it will make me very sad to see you gone

paul will miss you too, of this i'm sure
he'll have no partner in crime, but this is my cure

i'm sorry i pierced you when i was 16
you did a great job, took one for the team

i really hate to lop you off, you've served me so well
in boobie heaven, there won't be an armpit next door with such a terrible smell

thank you for feeding my babies, even though they preferred paul
it's nothing personal, just a tumor, that's all

i'm happy im almost better, but sad to see you go, too
so this is goodbye my friend, i'm sorry we couldn't save you

(ps my boobs are named paul and goliath, that may help)

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