Monday, May 30, 2011

and then there was one

i don't even know where to start on this one. it's been a while. i guess just surgery until now is all i need to talk about.

we got to the hospital on time, which was awesome, and the lady gave me a bracelet, had me change and then i sat in a room full of elderly people and waited for them to call my name. when they did, i was lead into this big long room full of stretchers with curtains on either side. the lady asked me all the same old questions about allergies and what meds im on and then gave me these stockings that keep the circulation good during surgery. they were flippin tight. they had little holes for my toes to pop out so they could check that circulation was good during surgery. so funny.

the nurse kind of sucked. she put my iv in and sent us on our way, ian had to say goodbye to me half way and was told to wait in some certain place but i trail off there because im so nervous.

the porter wheeled me into a little cubby across from the OR where they do anesthetics on you and met with some nice people who stuck about 6 needles in my spine to help numb my chest and then it gets weird, i remember laying back down and then when they asked if i was ready i said, "bring it on!" and they were like whoo hoo and then started wheeling me, i see the outside of the OR door and then it skips to im already laying on the operating table and there's a black mask being put on my face and then i wake up! I'm not sure where i only remember parts, maybe the stress knocked it out?

anyways waking up sucked. i threw up a lot and that was uncomfy because i couldn't run away like i usually do, and it was close quarters with ian and the nurse and myself in there. gross. it took a long time for me to stop being sleepy and feeling like i couldn't talk. i was in a room with 2 other women and sometimes their spouses so by day 2 i begged to go home and they let me.

today i had my drainage tube removed. i will not describe this. ever. i understand some of you may be looking for more feeling in this post but im gonna have to keep that part to myself for now as i work it on out.

here is a picture of my bandaged chest. too much? who knows, that's just me

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  1. Thank you always for sharing. It was nice to see you tonight out with your Mum and sis in a beautiful dress!! Your smile and wave were lovely. Keep on mending! Love and solidarity, SL