Thursday, March 10, 2011

Told you I'd be back.

This morning woke up with, well, the poo poo's. Common symptom of this type of chemo. So so awful. And intense nausea along with it. I've taken every nausea pill available to me and even Ativan. I'm on Imodium as well but the nurse said they would have to send home care to set me up on an iv to hydrate me for 3 days. So now I'm in bed waiting for them to call and come over.

What's up with this? There's always something new and so (not punny) shitty going on and I'm so over it. And I know I'm in for it when the pain from my Neupogen shots start. Somebody give me some good luck, this Thursday sucks! I'm under a dirty little cloud right now!

Whine whine whine

Justine aka Negative Nancy

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