Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Did I mention earlier that it seems my hair may be growing back? I don't want to jinx it because I was told to expect the rest of my hair to fall out. Could be from the blood transfusion or something tricky and then just fall out but I figured I'd document it while I could.
It started coming in and I could just feel it really soft all over my head, but it was sparce still. Today more stubble is coming in where there was nothing

this is yesterday and today


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  2. Rats! I just posted a partial comment and then had to delete it.

    It looks like it's growing to me! Regardless, at least you know that if it does come out again, it will make a speedy reappearance once you're done this whole rigamarole. Anyhow, you look great.

    I love reading your posts! Hope you're feeling OK.