Sunday, February 20, 2011

Up yours, February!

I'm over this silly month. I'm sitting here in my bed SO bored and wishing I had a sunnier view out my bedroom window. The pain is pretty intense from this new chemo. The morphine they gave me isn't working so I'll have to wait till Tuesday to be able to get a hold of them because of family day. PS why isn't the cancer center open more often? Come on people.

Anyways it's getting old fast. I think it may be time to start filling the gaps with tulips, boardgames and happy music. Maybe learning to cook something new and interesting. Any ideas people? Even for a new craft or something to pass the time?! Hit me up!



  1. Get somebody to find you an old chandelier and bring it over to your house. Paint it whatever colour strikes you at the moment (or just leave it), then hot glue old china teacups where the candles should go, and put tea lights inside them. Voila! Another junky craft you never knew you needed. I love mine.

    Do you own "Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People" by Amy Sedaris? If not, go get it. It's so entertaining. She has a cookbook too!

  2. The one thing that's been on my list forever is to print and organize my photos - they're always fun to go through and it makes them more accessible to others. If your girls are anything like I was, they'll spend hours sitting on the couch looking at old photos of themselves and their family!

    I second the Amy Sedaris book recommendations, they're great! Also, watch some youtube clips of her on Letterman, so hilarious.