Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It really warms my heart when I see people who are running/walking to raise money for breast cancer in my name. I feel so supported and it just floors me every time. So amazing.

I've been continuing Herceptin treatments, and will be until February. I had it today, actually. Not a bad time, didn't have to wait too long and it wasn't a very hectic day there which was nice. I kind of have a good time when I'm there. I'm able to text and listen to my iPod without having to do any mommy things. A nice little break (minus the needles and tubes and junk).

Photo in the bathroom at chemo

I went to Kelly's mastectomy boutique this month, got me a little chicken cutlet action! The prosthesis is squishy and peach and even has a little nipple. They sell bras that have a little slot to fit it into and it actually hugs the skin really tightly so that it appears like an actual boob. It's nice to be able to put clothes on and have them stay straight and not falling down on one side. I feel like a lady. They make swimsuits and fancy lingerie too, so it made me feel good that I can go to the beach and not feel embarrassed by my concave cereal bowl of a chest! The woman who helped me was really wonderful and I felt totally comfortable with her, and that really helped... I had been worried about the whole idea of it for some reason.

Chicken cutlet! Oh no wait that's my fake boob

I guess that's it for now. Time to get some dinner together.
Until next time

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  1. glad to see you are doing better justine. keep fighting, you're a tough chic. looking pretty as always. you guys take it easy. happy holidays