Friday, April 1, 2011

oh hi

We had chemo on Wednesday and guess what? it's been rough. Every time it's something different though, so it keeps it so exciting!! (NOOOOT)

The day of chemo they took my blood pressure and pulse and said my heart rate was a little low at 60 when we started. Half way through it went down to 50 and by the end it was at 40. Chest pains kicked in and lasted a while. When I called my nurse she said go to emerg. Matty brought me in because Ian had to work and mom stayed with the girls. We hung out for quite a while in there. Evening to like 3am. Ouch sorry Matt.

the first doctor I saw was a bit concerned, he told me I had a little murmur which is no biggy and that my blood work came back and there's some level that starts with a t and if it's above 0.02 there's concern for heart attack, well mine was 0.04 and in another 2 hrs was 0.06. The Dr decided to have cardiologists come on down and see me but they take forever and his shift was over.

My new Dr says he's scratching the cardiologists (same pain, same slow heart rate beeping away around 40 all night) and that he wants to do the same blood test a third time... he walks in an hour later and says yeah you're young, I'm sure you're fine and that you want to go home. Matty looked at the paper and it was still 0.04 so I don't know what the frig that meant to this dude, but to me I was still freaked out.

I went home and had spooky chest and back pains all night and my heart stayed around 40 most of the time. I called my nurse again and she said Dr Song was ok with everything the other doctor said. But I've got this bad luck with weekends. It's like every time I have chemo, the weekend comes and I can't call the cancer center and then I get thrown in the hospital again. So I called again today, Friday, and was just real about my feelings. I also asked what meds to take or not take because they said in emerg that it could have been a number of my meds, so I've been sick and not taking anything. Dr Song phoned back and when she realized no cardiologist had seen me, she got a red flag. So she's sending me for an ecco (ultrasound of my heart) on the 11th and to meet with this cardiologist on Wednesday. Cool, see you then, and until then I'll be having chest pains and a slow heart rate? Wicked, not scary at all!

Bad stories lately, sorry. But I said I'd be real with updates and here they are. I had a nice visit with Matty in the hospital and he takes really good care of me all around, he also is the guy who shoots me with my Neupogen every flipping day because I'm too chicken. Kiki came over today as well and that was awesome cause I have no social life so she brought it to me!

the end. I'll update soon about hearts and hair!


  1. Geez Justine! That is so scary!

    I'm glad you have such a great support team around you.

    Fingers crossed for the chest pains to go away!


  2. wow, that sucks to say the least!!! good for you to keep asking questions, that is the only to be heard!!! lots of love, Sheri xoxo