Thursday, July 7, 2011

Started radiation on Monday. It's strange, you can't feel it or see it, pretty tricky stuff. I go in every day for 5 weeks - weekends off though. So far I've always had the same two dudes, Phil and Justin. A little awkward because I have to lay on this sheet on a table topless with one of them on either side of me. I have to stay completely still and they adjust me by pulling on the sheets underneath me or just moving my body however they can to match up these little tattoos of dots I got a couple weeks back. After everything is straight, they leave the room and this machine moves around me and gives off the radiation. It makes a bit of a buzzing sound when it's on, but that's the only way I know it's actually happening. I've asked them a few times, are you sure this thing is on?! But now my skin is starting to get red and my throat is getting sore so I guess that it's starting to happen.

My hair is getting pretty long and thickening up. Eyebrows and eyelashes are still another story but I'm told they grow way slower. Total drag though.

June asked me to do her makeup on Monday. She did mine first, so it was payback...

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