Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bing Bang Boom

So whoever said it's easy to start up a business needs a swift kick in the junk. I guess that's why you can go to school for it (call me Captain Obvious). But I'm me and that would have taken too long so I took my own road. It's pretty tricky getting everything together, especially when you have to trust other people to do things for you. Kind of a huge roadblock because your priorities aren't their priorities at all. I sit awake at night (and yes I have an infant who keeps me awake the rest of the night) just stewing over all of the responisibility I've put in other peoples hands and how to gently light fires under their asses. Real talk.

So we are soon to be up and running, we just have another inspection on our new kitchen (yessss!). I've decided that rather than being afraid of our friendly neighbourhood health inspector, I would work with her. Think about it this way: we have the same goal, and we both want the food to be safe for everyone involved. Anyways, they've proven to be pretty cool people so far, and very helpful.

We signed the lease on Halloween and did I mention that we are in a building with a "ghost society"?! Amazing. I look forward to talking to them. Not as much as my husband though, I don't think.

Anyways that'll be that for now, of course, because Rosie is awake. I can't sleep when she's not in my bed and I can't sleep when she is in my bed. Gulp.

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