Friday, June 10, 2011

Post op (and photo progress)

Yesterday I went to visit my surgeon, Dr Watters for my post op appointment. I think it's been around 2 weeks now. My sister Trisha took me so poor Ian could nap and try to start catching up on some sleep.

Unfortunately, my dear Kelly wasn't there, but there was another nurse who was really amazing who helped us before we met the doctor. She removed the little tape strips that covered my incision. I was so afraid at first and asked her if I could do it myself in time when it started to come off on it's own from showering. She said it was totally fine. Then I said ok well wait, try one and we'll see how I do? (I had expected to turn white and pass out like when the home care nurse came to change my dressing) Having something pulled off of numb skin is the strangest, nauseating sensation I've ever felt. Anyways she went quick and I asked her to keep going until I couldn't handle it anymore. We did them all and I'm so glad I didn't have to do it myself, I have a bit of a hard time looking down there, I'm pretty squeamish.

I was shocked to see that the incision wasn't nearly as ugly or spooky as I'd imagined. They said I am healing very well and retaining a bit of fluid but that would be absorbed by my body over time.

Dr Watters sat us down to look over the pathology report. Nothing showed it my breast tissue but one of the lymph nodes did show some cancer that was .5mm on it. Based on this (and the fact that Ian would kill me if I didn't), I've decided to go ahead with the radiation. Dr Watters said it was good news, but I was really disappointed that after everything I'd been through, there was still cancer left. Ah well.

Here's my little progress report